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Christian Chernock

Season 1- EP2


Christian Chernock


The College Golf Experience

Tune in to listen to my great friend Christian Chernock discuss “The College Golf Experience.” Christian is one of the smartest people you could ever meet, pay attention. In this episode, Christian explains how to pick a coach, life lessons, and how to be a champion.

Christian Chernock- Dallas, Texas.

Show Notes

  • :34What does it mean to play college golf?
  • 6:46What influenced your decision when selecting the best fit program?
  • 10:30 Who were the most influential people in your life as a student- athlete?
  • 11:32In terms of developing your game, how did you benchmark your skill level?
  • 13:54Who was your swing coach and what was your experience?
  • 18:18The advantage of having Hank Haney as your college golf coach?
  • 21:06The process when preparing for competition and Goal setting.
  • 24:56Analyse the rounds of golf that need improvement.
  • 27:07The most important step to prepare for college golf?
  • 28:09Something every junior golfer should consider when pursuing a college golf scholarship?
  • 29:25The greatest part of the college golf experience.

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Christian Chernock



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