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Scott Cowx

Season 1- EP3


Scott Cowx


Build Your Game

In this episode, Scott Cowx “The 2019 Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year” speaks on how to build a golf swing, the framework for a junior golf program, and how players can utilize stats and technology to improve their performance.

Jonathan Knowles, PGA (Left) Scott Cowx, PGA (Right) Berlin, Germany.

Show Notes

  • 00:31Scott Cowx Introduction
  • 00:57What are the highlights of the anatomy toolbox?
  • 02:26 What would a player have to benefit from efficient motion?
  • 04:54What types of changes have you seen in terms of power and efficiency production?
  • 06:15For the junior golfer that wants to play competitive golf, where should they put their focus and what is your framework for developing a junior golfer?
  • 10:48What are the best practices of your top junior player, your top professional player? And what can the average golfer take away from these habits?
  • 13:25What are the differences between a good amateur golfer and a tour player?
  • 15:04How would you recommend players use statistics in the game of golf?
  • 16:38Could you please give an example on the use of stats and working with tour players?
  • 17:54How can the understanding of frequency impact someone’s game?

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