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Michael Manavian

Season 1- EP6


Michael Manavian


Gears Golf a Fact-Based Approach

In this episode, Michael Manavian discusses his fact based approach using the worlds most advanced 3D motion capture system (GEARS GOLF),  Top Secret Insights from his world leading his Clubfitting Knowledge, and How you can apply information from a $40,000 golf technology to improve your game today.
World Class Teaching Professional and Mentor to so many thriving golf professionals, I would like to introduce you to one of the worlds leading instructors, Michael Manavian.

Michael Manavian

Gears Golf Interface

Show Notes

  • 00.50Tell me about your teaching background.
  • 02.56When did you see a shift in your teaching?
  • 06.30Andy Plummer and Michael Bennett
  • 12.46Gears Golf, Advanced Motion Capture
  • 17.36Higher Handicap vs. Tour Player Model
  • 23:20Gears Golf Clubfitting
  • 28.27Knowledge from a Cobra Golf and Golf Pride Ambassador perspective.
  • 36.14Myth Busting with Gears Golf
  • 41.23Golf in Morocco
  • 46.32Advice for any golfer looking to improve